Minimalism in College

I think it is important to note here that this is my first post, and so here you will find musings of a college sophomore on the ways to be minimalist in college.

Personally, I feel that this is a topic that is severely under-recognized in the minimalist community.  I know that there are some things that I simply cannot do as a minimalist in college that some people can do as “real adults” to really follow through on their minimalism. For example, I am a broke college student and let’s be real about what that really means: I have enough money to pay my rent, my school bills, and buy food only by some unknown force of the universe and also loans… Therefore, some aspects of my minimalist life (for example my eating habits and all of the things I own) are not 100% what I would want them to be. This is because I do not have the time to upgrade my life in these ways. At some point I hope to grow much of my own food, and be able to have access to only organic and local meats and any other food I do not grow myself. I also hope to be able to give away many of my possessions and upgrade to things that I like more.

There is also a certain part of me that cannot be minimalist in other ways I would like to because of the fact that I am a student. I need textbooks, notebooks, papers (oh so many pieces of paper), pens, pencils, highlighters, flashcards, markers….. The list goes on forever of the things that I own that are related to my work as a student.

But really, I think that the idea of minimalism is more than just the material possessions a person has. It is about those things into which you choose to put your time and effort. I am trying to reduce my non-material things (those things that I would say are high priorities in my life) to about 6. I currently have: school (including homework, classes, and finances), my job, my relationship with my friends, my relationship with myself, yoga club, and this blog/my dedication to minimalism. I will try my best to let the other worries roll off my back for now.

This summer I did a lot of purging of my closet and clothing, and I will maybe post something about that experience later. However, for now I can suffice to show you this picture of all of my clothes that I own (not including winter jackets and boots; I live in a very cold place).

Displaying image1.JPG

See? A pretty small bag given that I had double that prior to my sorting of my clothing, and given that I have to have two wardrobes, one for the cold winter and one for spring/summer/fall.

Soon, I will post an image of everything that I own all packed up to head off to college, and then give you all a tour of my college room, however, I must get on to studying. Until next time, whoever might read this.


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