Building my Minimalist Wardrobe: Overview

As with many who are beginning their minimalist journey, especially as a woman in my culture, I had to begin with downsizing my wardrobe. It began as a simple aspiration to be able to more easily get dressed in the mornings and to feel better in what I was wearing. I really utilized Pinterest more than anything to help gain my inspiration for the huge undertaking that was sorting and donating my clothing. I donated bags and bags of clothing over many different sessions of sorting my clothing. To break down the process a little bit for you, I will give you a rough estimate of the steps I took to get to where I am today:

  • Get all of your clothing (yes, all of it) and put it in a pile. You can put it on your bed, or bring it to your living room, or wherever you have enough space to sort it all out. It is important to note that this space itself should be clean as much as possible so that you can be in the mindset of clearing out your stuff and how good it feels to have a clean space, even if it is just the fact that your bed is made for once in your life (haha) Also do anything else to set the mood, have something good to drink and maybe put on some music, anything that will get you pumped and excited about the process
  • Dig right in. Maybe start by sorting your clothing by type so that you have an idea of what you own. For example, I sorted mine into the following categories: long pants, short pants and skirts, dresses, t-shirts/shirts for warmer weather, long sleeved shirts/shirts for winter weather, comfy pants and yoga clothes and pajamas.
  • Next, go through each pile and sort through to separate the items into things you no longer need, and items you want to keep. If you are like me, you may also have a “maybe” pile. This pile will be filled with those clothes that you know you don’t really wear but they either have sentimental value or they are clothes that you think are cute
  • Several suggestions with the “maybe” pile:
    • Try it on. If you feel absolutely fabulous in it and can think of more than one way you could wear it then keep it. If it doesn’t fit right then consider giving it away so someone else can enjoy it.
    • If you still aren’t sure you want to give it away, then I would suggest putting it in a nice box or a bag and thinking about it for a while. Will you ever wear it again (honestly answer this)? If you won’t wear it then is there something that you can do with it (like bring it to someone younger than you who can enjoy it as much as you but where you can still enjoy seeing them wear it, or can you make it into a quilt, again be honest with yourself here)?
    • Once it has been stowed away for a while (at least a week) give yourself a chance to go back to the process of sorting. Go through each article, and try it on again. Did you miss this article while it was packed away? Have you thought of a new solution for something to do with this article of clothing? Make a new decision based on these answers and thoughts, and if necessary, repeat the process.
  • Then, go through some of your possible outfit combinations and permutations and ask yourself how these articles of clothing can be dressed up, dressed down, and be used in various seasons depending on your needs.
  • Go through your inspiration photos. Are the clothes that you own really conducive to what you want to look like in your everyday life? If not, how can you sell them and then use that money to buy fewer, higher quality pieces that you like more?

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