Building your Capsule Wardrobe: Step 1 – Inspiration

Hello again everyone. Here is a kind of weird post, but I wanted to share with you all essentially the contents of my personal Pinterest Clothing Inspiration page. It is a long, slightly disorganized post, but I think that the photos all have merit and I think it may be helpful to you to see the process I went through for my “Step 1” of my minimalist wardrobe journey. Something that is important to note here is that while the images below may not seem very minimalistic, I used them for inspiration. These are clothing looks that I like or maybe I just enjoy the overall aesthetic of the outfits.

To get started, search types of clothing that you are interested in. I am in college and need styles of clothing that is tailored to an easy, comfortable, yet sometimes able to look professional style. I also need a lot of ability to layer because in my climate, it can be cold one second and hot the next, especially with the mix of old and new buildings we have on campus, you never know if your classroom will be hot or cold.

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Once I had a pretty good idea of the types of styles I liked, and an idea of a lot of outfits that coordinated pieces I already had (do this by searching for “[item name] outfit” for example, “chambray shirt outfit”), then I began searching for capsule wardrobes. This allowed me to see how other people built their wardrobes and put together combinations of pieces that I never thought could have so many permutations. some of these are meant to be just travel wardrobes, but I kind of use them as a guide of just a few outfits that can be created by remixing different pieces of my wardrobe in creative ways. They key here is imagination: you might not have all of the pieces from a capsule wardrobe even after the process is completed, but you can have a wardrobe that is just as amazing!

0137f088e3666d075d8bec895188a72f  0758ce98a208a89a6c26ea512a53c73e9c93448ec6dd9157d8e25ee09066658e 828a762383ed8590b5cc705665ee034f   19958eff7a548f2e3e3409e6265f6fca   0288388b8d445398f4800a5ee92999cb 472815fd5d560e2c36cc6bb589ce97b7 03457760adf07935f1ff391c40f17722 (1)    b0ec84c573a8392783c865e1b8bb1acf b3553ee16e5d407d9fba32e0c4dff40a b615898945d2290f2341428efbed399f

Finally, I was debating whether or not a couple of items were worth the splurge. I searched “ways to wear [item name]” and was about to come up with some pretty cool suggestions about how to wear these items many multiple ways and to make them practical for a lot of different scenarios. Maybe they are worth the splurge!

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After you have built up your inspirational portfolio, looked at the photos, dreamed of success, felt your success so close you can taste it, and thought of a goal for about how many items you want in your wardrobe or some other type of goal to strive for (maybe you want all of your clothing to actually fit in your closet or to fold neatly away in your drawers), then it is time to move on to Step 2 – The Great Purge…


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