Building your Capsule Wardrobe: Step 2 – The Great Purge

Hello MinimalistGirlBlog readers! I have to say, I am sorry this post has taken me so long to get around to, I have had some computer issues (I am actually in the library to post this because my personal computer is very sick right now, and at the doctor. The doctors say the prognosis doesn’t look good though). However, I am here now to post this (and will post before I make edits, so don’t judge. I will edit later) and I hope you enjoy it, share with your friends, and comment below. It means a lot to me that people have read my posts.

Now that you are inspired and have ideas in mind for the look you might like to go for, you can begin to purge your wardrobe of all those pieces that you don’t wear or don’t need anymore. Believe me that while this may seem like a daunting task in the end it will be worth it, and you probably won’t even feel like you have a less exciting wardrobe!

Now, a little piece on my experience: I did my first purge at the beginning of the summer when I got home and realized I had really no space for any of my stuff. I did not have a proper bedroom, a proper closet, or anything like that. I had to make due with a makeshift dresser out of an old two-drawer filing cabinet, and a couple other places to stash my clothing and everyday items. In addition, none of my old clothes fit me or were really appropriate for my lifestyle as it has shifted since high school. I need shorts that were a more appropriate length and that fit me properly, jeans that were not ripped, shirts with more modest necklines, and in general a wardrobe that could more easily be slightly dressed up or professional. So, I purged everything. I sorted through every single article of clothing (yes, including my undergarments and socks) and I decided to let go of all those things that would no longer fit my body or my lifestyle.

Here I must digress to say that my process of purging and buying some new/supplemental clothing items happened not linearly, but simultaneously. I realised that I purged some, not quite getting it out of my house until I had done some shopping and actually had clothes to wear, and then shopped, and then purged some more when I began to realise there were still more clothes that I no longer wore taking up the oh-so-precious space in my filing cabinet dresser. It was hard to be honest with myself and to truly recognise those things that I would never again wear. We always convince ourselves that maybe, just maybe, that shirt that you think is so fashionable (but have never worn) will come out of the closet and save us by completing the perfect outfit for the perfect date. But it won’t. Life is made up of experiences, not the clothes we wear for those experiences. I have found that since I purged my wardrobe and spend less time getting myself ready in the morning, I have enjoyed life’s experiences much more. It is kind of like what Maya Angelou said about how people will forget what you said and did but never how you made them feel. Sometimes, you will forget that you wore that one pair of jeans with that shirt, but you never forget the experiences you had. I guess maybe I am not explaining this well (comment if you know what I mean).

In any case, I find it encouraging that I got rid of so many grocery bags (the big paper ones) of clothes (I think it was almost ten), and I do not feel like I have less options getting ready in the morning, I actually feel like I have more. I know that most of my tops go with most of my pants, I have layers that work with everything I own, I feel happy with my accessories, and this is all because I worked very hard on my wardrobe and put a lot of time and effort in during this process in order to be able to put less time and effort in every day. However, even though I put less time and effort in every day, I enjoy getting dressed even more than I ever did.

Here, I would ask you to turn to my other post, Building My Minimalist Wardrobe: Overview, to see the steps listed in relatively chronological order.
Also, await my next post on Step 3, which is Creating a shopping list and how to improvise when in the store, but still stay on track. Until next time.


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